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"The Big Guns". This roll-on serum is formulated with a multitude of exfoliants and antioxidants to deminish and prevent ingrown hairs. PFB Ultra also contains CHROMABRIGHT in addition to 3 other skin lighteners to reverse the effects of severe scarring from post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. WALMART, AMAZON, EBAY, BUY.COM ARE NOT AUTHORIZED RETAILERS! DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT FROM THEM, THEY ARE NOT THE REAL DEAL!


SKU: 001
  • 2oz per bottle. Recommended frequency: every other day use on clean, dry skin. Swipe across the affected areas only once, then massage into the skin until product is fully absorbed. Do not roll product back and forth across the skin. Follow with recommended moisturizer from your Esthetician. DO NOT USE IN CONJUNCTION WITH ANY OTHER EXFOLIANTS/SCRUBS/HARSH SOAPS.

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